We’re Getting Married


Jennifer Voegele

Jennifer Voegele - Matron of Honor

I have known Jennifer for almost 21 years! I met Jennifer on my 5th birthday, and became completely enamored with her! Jennifer is one of the people I have always been able to count on, no matter what. We’ve been through a lot together, and through it all, she has been a stepmother, a friend, […]

Amanda Keller

Amanda Keller - Maid of Honor

Amanda and I met while working in a dental office together, and the two of us instantly became best friends! Amanda has been the best friend I have ever had, offering up love and support, and most importantly: comic relief! We’ve shared so many amazing experiences, and I can’t wait to experience more! I can […]

Meghan Berneking

Meghan Berneking - Bridesmaid

Meghan and I met at the same dental office that Amanda and I met in! We instantly bonded over our ridiculous senses of humor, and love of laughter. We spent time as roommates and loved watching thrilling television programs such as the late-night news, Family Guy, and had so many great times, it’s hard to […]

Mandy Treeby

Mandy Treeby - Bridesmaid

We LOVE Mandy!! I met Mandy through Josh (they worked at P&G together), and became fast friends! We have shared many late, wine-filled nights together laughing! Mandy moved to Singapore with her husband Ben, their daughter Lola, and their puppy Milly. We miss them, but we honestly cannot imagine our wedding day without her and […]

Taylor Veneman

Taylor Veneman - Bridesmaid

Taylor (aka “Tay Tay”) has the privilege of being my younger sister! Other than loving her for being my sister, I love her for many other reasons! We both hate spiders, love funny movies, funny quotes, bonding with our younger siblings, and talking about the show FRIENDS. I can go to Taylor with any thought […]

Traci Wolff

Traci Wolff - Bridesmaid

Traci is Josh’s sister, and I have absolutely LOVED getting to know her and becoming great friends with her! Since I met Traci, she and I have discovered our shared love for Moscato, and having the most fun we can possibly have! Each time I see her is a new, fun adventure filled with laughter, […]

Jackie Ainsztein

Jackie Ainsztein - Bridesmaid

Jackie and I met through a mutual friend (Groomsman Raysel), and became fast friends! Jackie is a very close friend to Josh and I, and has always been a source of love, support, and laughter. I feel so blessed to have met her and have become such close friends with her! I enjoy spending all […]

Jennie (Golick) Taylor

Jennie (Golick) Taylor - Bridesmaid

Jennie and I met through our men! She is (now) married to Josh’s college friend, Eric! After meeting Jennie, I knew we would be friends! We share a lot of interests, and have a great time when we are together! We became neighbors a while back, and have spent lots of time together doing anything […]

RyLee Veneman

RyLee Veneman - Flower Girl

RyLee is Lauren’s youngest sister, and she has more than enough sass for the entire wedding party! It’s been a lot of fun having RyLee in our lives and we love to watch her grow! I am so excited to have her be a part of the wedding and I can’t wait to see her […]