We’re Getting Married



Our story began when Jennifer (one of Lauren’s Maids of Honor) began antagonizing Josh at work about Lauren :). After years of Jennifer talking about us to each other, we finally started to connect via the internet. We talked for about a year before randomly meeting in Mt. Adam’s (thanks to Foursquare!) one night. After meeting, we went out on several dates (Josh played hard-to-get), and then after a New Years Eve date, decided to make it official on New Years Day, 2011! We instantly became inseparable. We traveled to Europe on a cruise with Josh’s family just six months into our relationship, and then bought our first house eight months in! Since then, we’ve become proud dog parents to two Doberman’s, have continued our travels, and have become even stronger and closer as a couple. We got engaged on November 19, 2012 when Josh surprised Lauren at home over lunch with a beautiful rose petal pathway to him down on one knee with Lauren’s favorite flowers, daisy’s, surrounding him. How romantic! We have really enjoyed being engaged, but cannot wait to start the next chapter of our lives!