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More Plans!

So, we’ve been engaged for a little over 2 months now, and we’re moving right along on plans! Since the first blog post, we have signed KortneeKate Photography! They are a husband-wife team, and they take AMAZING pictures! We met with Ted (the husband),he is so fun and creative that no matter who else we met with, we could not imagine having any other photographer with us on our special day! We are so excited to see the pictures he captures!

Also since the last post…I got my dress! My mom, Jennifer (MOH), and I went to 3 different places and made a day out of dress shopping both for myself, bridesmaids, and Mother of the Bride dresses.Jennifer knows the owner of Splendid Bridal, so we set up shop there and picked out at least 25 dresses for me to try on! I found a few that I liked, and we even tried on some just for fun (think hula hoops), but nothing I was ready to say “yes” to. After Splendid, we headed off to the Bridal District in Reading to see what they had there, and our first stop was Wendy’s Bridal. Wendy’s has a large selection, but I did not find anything too special there, just one dress that I wanted to try on. After convincing them to let me try on this ONE dress in an almost empty shop (they are very rude there), I tried on a beautiful lace dress that I absolutely loved, and was ready to say “yes” to, but ultimately decided to keep looking. Last, but not least, we stopped in to European Bridal. European Bridal is a small, very nice boutique that sells gorgeous designer dresses, and that intimidated me a bit (Those of you that know me very well should not be surprised by this!). We spent a few minutes waiting for a consultant, as we did not have an appointment, but right from the beginning their staff was very sweet, helpful, and very curious about wedding plans! After talking to me for just a few minutes and learning more about the wedding plans, the consultant pulled several dresses for me that she thought would be perfect for me and our wedding. I was a little hesitant given she pulled dresses that I was not initially interested in wearing, but MAN did she knock it out of the park! She found the most amazing dress, and I immediately said “yes!!”, so did my mom and Jennifer! I am so happy we went to European Bridal,not just because I found the dress, but because I got to have a wonderful, happy dress shopping experience full of fun, jewelry and of course, champagne! I really felt like a star and was so excited to have found a gorgeous dress that I cannot wait to wear again! I’m so excited!

Alright, that’s it for this time. Wish us luck as we go on our first caterer tasting this week! We’re really hoping to book this one!


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